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Origin of the Project

  Because of the engineering violation and additional engineering didn’t follow the plan in Laojie river, structure in there still cannot pass the using license, and most of them keep idle today. Also, because the additional engineering made river channel narrow that can’t afford the original level of flood, caused water level rising, which might cause flood problems and issue of city calamity. The both sides of Laojie river structure combined with new and old buildings and blocks. Lacking opened space and traffic flow of pedestrian and public facilities haven’t been expropriated not only caused the city developing stagnated but cityscape and other issues.

  Since the Taoyuan Airport MRT expanded line extended to Zhongli train station plan was adopted by Executive Yuan, A22 station (Laojie station) that in the intersection of Zhongyang west road and Zhongfeng road, was predicted to opened in June 2018, which may bring a second chance to redevelopment in this area. To cooperate with Central Government, Taiyuan City Government pushed the policy of Urban Planning. Also, following the trend of Transit-Oriented Development(TOD), strengthening the construction around the MRT station and solving the problem that additional engineering cannot be used legally. The discussion of removing additional engineering and both sides of river land using plan is of great urgency.

Purpose of Project

  A22 Station of Taoyuan Airport MRT Expended Line Zone Expropriation Development Project is a part of Pingzhen and Zhongli district Urban Planning Expending Revised Project, which is coordinated with the first phase of Both Sides of Laojie River Urban Planning Development.

The purpose of this project is:

  (A)cooperating the setting up of MRT A22 station and waterfront regenerationpolicy, propose and push local environment rebuild around Laojie riverarea.
  (B)Promoting Urban Planning to finish the open up of facilities and thepreparation of city disaster prevention. Along with the opening time of MRT,developing Laojie area of Zhongli district.

  Therefore, Taoyuan City Government chose the area around MRT A22 station that used belong to Land reserved for the public infrastructure (Land Used for Green Area and Land Used for Parking Area) and the area that is provided with public interest like River District to be the first phase of Urban Planning Development as a sample project of Both Sides of Laojie River Urban Planning Development.

Content of Project

  This development project cooperates with A22 Station of Taoyuan Airport MRT Expended Line Zone settlement and Both Sides of Laojie River Urban Planning Development Project to review the land use of stations and airports to make areas reform and reborn.

  To obtain the original reserved Land Used for Facilities of Both Sides of Laojie River and model the green cityscape of riverside of it, the land use adjustments are as following:

  Changed River District to Green Area (0.2 hectares), Green Area turned to Commercial District (1.14 hectares), Land Used for Parking Area turned to Green Area (0.17 hectares) and Green Area as Green Area (1.22 hectares). Totally 2.73 hectares for the adjustment.

  Additional condition is developing with Zone Expropriation and proposing the detail project in addition.

Current Progress

Land for compensation of all area was all delivered in 15th August 2016.

Focus points of pushing forward

The general affairs of land disposal in this project will be handled continuously.

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