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  Welcome to the website Land Affairs Office of Taoyuan District, Taoyuan. We are responsible for land administrative affairs which includes land registration, land survey, evaluation of land price and management of land use etc.
  Land registry affairs were handled by "Courthouse chu-zhaug registry office" during the period of Japanese occupation, subordinate to the district court. After "Taiwan Retrocession in 1945, land registry affairs were handled by Hsinchu City Government (which includes Taoyuan, Hsinchu and Miaoli Counties nowadays) and was renamed as "Land Arrangement Office", with each city established as an administrative unit, divisions established as handling land administration affairs.
  In 1950, due to adjustments in Taiwan Province administrative districts, the authority of city transferred to county and set-up Taoyuan County. Our office was called " Taoyuan County Taoyuan Land Office" at that time, which is responsible for land registration, land survey and mean land-ownership. The areas under control of the office were Taoyuan City, Gueishan Township,Bade City,Lujhu Township,and Dayuan Township.
  In 1984,division established "Land Affairs Office of Lujhu" jurisdiction Lujhu District and Dayuan District
In 1995,division established "Land Affairs Office of Bade" jurisdiction Bade District.
In 2016 division established "Land Affairs Office of Gueishan " jurisdiction Gueishan District
Nowadays, we have jurisdiction to Taoyuan District .
Director : General be in charge of all office affairs
Secretary : Assisting the director in general office affairs
Registration section :
1. Examination of transfer, change, and encumbrance of land/building rights.
2. Land and building registration.
3. Issuance of registration copy,land chart,survey of building,land price copy.
Survey section: 
Survey and re-survey of land and building improvement.
Land Valuation section:
1. Evaluate land price changes and market prices.
2. Promulgation of current land value and land price.
Administration section:
1. Land rights.
2. Land purposes.
3. Documentation.
4. File management.
5. Stamping of seal on document.
6. Review of change of land classification.
7. Cashier.
8. General affairs.
9. Research and review.
Information section:
1. Management of land system.
2. Maintain computer H/W system.
3. Office automation.
Personnel : Personnel appointment, discharge, transfer, training, further study, evaluation of performance, citation and penalty, welfare, remuneration, retirement, pension, etc.
Accounting : Compilation and examination of budgeting and final accounts, review of vouchers, and statistics. 
Taoyuan District 
picture of Taoyuan district




Registration SectionExt. 101
Survey SectionExt. 201
Land valuation SectionExt. 301
Administration SectionExt. 401
Information SectionExt. 501
PersonnelExt. 500
AccountingExt. 300


Contact Us
Address: No.123, Guofong 3rd St., Taoyuan District, Taoyuan City 33057, Taiwan (R.O.C.)




How To Reach

How to reach Taoyuan Land office

Driving line



     (1) Chung-Shan Highway → Airport SIC. → Nan Taoyuan SIC. →

    Sec. 3,Daxing W. Rd → ong-an St → Guoqiang 1st St → Guofeng 3rd St

  (2) Northern National Highway No.2 → Daxi Town → Nan Taoyuan SIC. →

   Sec. 3,Daxing W. Rd → Long-an St → Guoqiang 1st St → Guofeng 3rd St 


        Zhongshan Rd → Long-an St → Guoqiang 1st St → Guofeng 3rd St



  Zhongshan Rd → Longfong 1st St → Guofeng 3rd St

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