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Origin of the Project

  In 9th March 2004, No. 0930011092, the project of Taoyuan International Airport Mass Rapid Transit construction became the main project of ‘Challenge 2008 Six-Year National Development Plan’, the station connecting Taipei city, Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport and Zhongli train station, totally 53.07 km for the route. Predicted to open in 2015.

  The project of Taoyuan International Airport Mass Rapid Transit not only play a important role to link Taoyuan and Taipei city but Taoyuan Aerotropolis, Taoyuan district and Zhongli district. 

  Moreover, there is 7stations included A7, A10, A11, A15, A16, A20 and A21 most of them are located in Agricultural District of Urban Planning Area or Non-urban land. Along with the first MRT in Taoyuan district, meaning Taoyuan has step in the Transit-Oriented Development(TOD) era. Land development around the MRT station should be different from old city structure, combine with Transit-Oriented Development(TOD) and the idea of Green Transport. Making urban renewal more flexible, creating a city developing space within taste and unique.

Purpose of Project

  This project is overall developing by zone expropriating. Looking forward to promoting lands around MRT station developing orderly, relieving stress of living stress needed, providing public facility service and implement land using control to active local economic and sustainable development of city.

Content of Project

  The area of this project is due to the Agricultural District of Urban Planning Area. To promote the reasonable land use and maintain the quality of living environment in urban planning, setting up with the first type of Residential District (Redeveloping District), The second type of Residential District, The third type of Residential District, Commercial District, Area used for station, Reserved Area and River District, totally 25.15 hectares for the area.

Current Progress

  This project was adopted in the 772th meeting of Urban Planning Commission of Ministry of Interior in 17th January 2012. And the detail project was adopted in 16th, 19th and 20th meeting of the Urban Planning Commission of Taoyuan city in 17th February, 20th July and 13th September in 2012, started developing by Zone Expropriation.

Focus points of pushing forward

It was predicted to deal Land Readjustment in late 2017. Finished construction and deal land delivery in late 2018.

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