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Origin of the Project

  The population of Taoyuan district kept raising stably and reached 406,851 in 2010. The data of these 10 years shows that the population growing rate raised to 2.28%, which reached 2nd of high population growing rate county-controlled city in Taiwan. Moreover, the housing of urban planning in Taoyuan district has grown more than 80% and reached saturation. It was predicted that the population of Taoyuan district will reach 487.6 thousand, but the urban planning nowadays can only accommodate 424.4 thousand people. To satisfied the needed of raising population and city development, it is necessary to release the peripheral agricultural district of central Taoyuan district to prepare for the city development.

Purpose of Project

  The developing area around to central Taoyuan district, surrounded by Wenzhong road, Siamen street, Guoji road and Yongan road, contained 104 hectares of lands that mostly were agricultural districts. Since the southern Tao - yuan interchange and Daxing west road were opened, the violation of land using of agricultural districts nearby seriously affected cityscape and city developing.

  Therefore, Taoyuan City Government pushed forward the entire plan of Central Roads Area Zone Expropriation Developing Project to city sewing and developing spaces, preventing land scattered and deformed frog-jumped development. Along with the development of Municipal Administrative Park and Judicial Park, making a new community contained living, administration and rest, driving Taoyuan City to the next development.

Content of Project

  This project is overall developing by zone expropriating. To create a high quality of living, there are 56 hectares was planned in housing area and there are one central park, 2 minor parks, 6 playgrounds for children combined with the local dam to create a area for family recreation.

  Facing the needed of attending school, there are 2 Land Used for Medium sized School and Land Used for Small sized School in the area, with 60 meters and 30 meters main road to model an elegant city.

Current Progress

  This Urban planning project has been decided to be a main project in Taoyuan City by Urban Planning Commission of Ministry of Interior in 14th June 2011. After the decision, Urban Planning Commission of Taoyuan handling zone expropriating actively.

In May 2012, posted zone expropriating district to public.

In February 2014, Taoyuan City Government finished Land for compensation Readjustment, finished the transfer of registration, and the landowners get back their Land ownership certificate in May. In addition, the engineering part of the project is charged by Department of Public Works of Taoyuan city.

Focus points of pushing forward

Managing land disposal general affairs.

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