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  Land Section has been established since Taoyuan City Government was founded, setting up with 5 parts, including Land Cadaster, Land Value, Land Rights, Land Use and Land Readjustment.

  In 1990, Taoyuan City Government expended a group of Land Cadaster Survey. In 1994, because the population of Taoyuan City raised to 1.5 millions, according to law, changed Land Section into Land Administration Bureau, also changed parts to sections.

  In 1997, because of the needed of levy, Taoyuan City Government expended Zone Expropriation Section to manage the general affairs and the execution of policies.

  Following central government’s third phase of adjusting organization task, Taoyuan City Government has been actively processed in organizational adjust since 2000.

  In 1st December 2000, the general affairs of Land Administration Bureau were changed, Land Rights Section divided to Land Cadaster and Land Use Section. This move made the original establishment degenerated to 6 sections, including Land Cadaster, Land Value, Land Use, Land Readjustment, Land Cadaster Survey and Zone Expropriation Section.

  In August 2003, based on the needed of general affairs, coordinated Taoyuan City Government organizational establishment revision, restored the establishment of Land Rights Section, maintaining 7 sections nowadays.

  In 16th January 2008, to coordinate the 56th and 62th requirements of Local Government Act, local administrative organization policy and Taoyuan City Government regulation adjustment of organizational autonomy, Taoyuan City Government changed Land Administration Bureau into Land Department. Degenerating to 6 units, including Land Cadaster Section, Land Value Section, Land Use Section, Land Readjustment Section, Survey Section and Land Levy Section.

  In 26th July 2010, coordinating to Taoyuan City Government organizational adjustment of promoting to municipality city, restoring the setting of Land Rights Section.

  Land Levy Section changed into Zone Expropriation Section, but Land Cadaster Section, Land Value Section, Land Use Section, Land Readjustment Section and Land Cadaster Survey Section remained the same.

   In 1st January, Taoyuan City Government officially promoted to municipality city. To coordinate organizational adjustment, Land Department changed into Land Administration Bureau, not only remained the setting of 7 units, but expended Administration Office, Personnel Office, Civil Service Ethics Office and Accounting Office .

  In 1st March 2013, coordinating to the land developing project of Taoyuan Aerotropolis, expending Taoyuan Aerotropolis Developing Section in Land Administration Bureau.

  To carry out of general affairs, Taoyuan City Government established 8 Land Administration Bureau, including Taoyuan, Zhongli, Daxi, Yangmei, Luzhu, Bade, Pingzhen and Guishan Land Administration Bureau.

  Every Land Administration Bureau is commanded and supervised by Taoyuan City Government which was found to manage the registration of land and buildings and general affairs of Land Value and survey.