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Organizational Description:

Taoyuan Land Administration Organization:

one director , 2 deputy directors, one chief Seretary and 3 Senior Executive Officer

There are 13 units in our organization, it divides to 9 Sections And 4 offices, including:

9 Sections:

Land Cadaster Section

Land Value Section

Land Use Section

Land Rights Section

Land Readjustment Section

Survey Section

Zone Expropriation Section

Taoyuan Aerotropolis Developing Section

Land Information Management Section

4 offices:

Administration Office

Personnel Office

Accounting Office

Civil Service Ethics Office

Land Cadaster Section

(1)Manage Land cadastral affairs, study, draft and set up land cadastral registration laws and regulations.

(2)Process foreigners and mainlanders’ acquisition of real estate.

(3)Manage government-owned cultivated land.

(4)Land administration information.

Land Valuation Section

(1)Supervise respective land administration offices of the City for land valuation affairs.

(2)Adjustment of the government published land value and government-declared value of land.

(3)Preparation and examination of the land value index.

(4)Management of the businesses in relation to land administration agents.

Survey Section

(1)Application/survey project planning, enforcement and management.

(2)Registration and management of mapping plans, results, information and permanent survey standards.

(3)Field measurement of cadastral maps, field survey, field investigation, operation planning, schedule control and inspection of varying grades of results.

(4)Digitize the cadastre and apply the results to the urban plan topographic chart operation planning, control the schedule and inspect varying grades of results.

Land Rights Section

(1)Expropriation of the land for public construction: general expropriation, consolidated expropriation, corrected expropriation, revoked expropriation, supplementary appropriation

(2)Government-owned land appropriation.

Land Use Section

(1)Zoning of non-urban land utilization.

(2)Non-urban land utilization control.

(3)Examination of non-urban land development permission.

(4)Management of 3/8th Tenants Lease Act related affairs.

Land Readjustment Section

(1)Land cadastral affairs covering unban land consolidation and development and land distribution and survey, etc. and related engineering and assessment matters.

(2)Land cadastral affairs covering farmland consolidation planning and land distribution and survey, etc., and the matters in conjunction with the Nongshui Road project.

(3)Land cadastral organization affairs covering preliminary planning of rural community land consolidation, development permission, project planning and design, construction related matters and land cadastral distribution and survey, etc.

(4)Operations of renovation/improvement of project planning, design, construction and administration of Nongshui Road in the early farmland consolidation zone, and project supervision affairs.

Aerotropolis Development Section

(1)Pre-processing for Taoyuan Aerotropolis zone expropriation related matters.

(2)Operations of zone expropriation announcement, trade price, review and distribution of the land for compensation, land registration by government authority, cadastral organization, and land disposal, etc.

(3)The affairs in conjunction with assessment of affiliated things on land, project planning and design and industrial planning in relation to the Aerotropolis development.

Zone Expropriation Section

(1)Pre-processing for zone expropriation planning.

(2)Process the ownership expropriation, land distribution and land disposal of the zone expropriation.

(3)Zone expropriation engineering.

Land Information Management Section

(1)Lands Information policy planing and development.

(2)Supervision over the affairs of the city''s office of information services and training.

(3)Land Information Computer room maintenance, operation and management.

(4)Providing the convenience of information technology services.

(5)the city governmence over the information security management, auditing and maintenance.

(6)Lands Information database management, interfacing with cadastral information provided.

Administration Office

(1)Registering and processing documents and mails.

(2)Processing services for the public.

Accounting Office

Managing general affairs of Personnel.

Personnel Section

Processing general affairs of accountings.

Governmental Ethics Office

To prevent, discover and processing reported events of illegal behavior in Land Administration Bureau.