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About Us
  This Department first came into being as the Land Affairs Division upon the inception of the City government and comprised five sections of land registration, land price, land rights, land uses, and land consolidation, and later on, to be added with a survey team in 1990. In 1994, when population of this country reached 1.5 million, Land Affairs Division was upgraded into Land Affairs Bureau, and Sections into Divisions. In 1997, the Zone Expropriation Section was formed under this Bureau that takes charge of land affairs and implementation of related policies in this City. Starting 2000, in line with the Phase 3 project of Central Government Organizational Reforms, this City has taken active steps in readjusting structure. Since 1.Dec. 2000, Land Affairs Bureau has streamlined its structure into six Divisions of Land Registration, Land Price, Land Consolidation, Land Registration, Land Survey, and Zone Expropriation by transferring duties of Land Rights Division to Land Registration and Land Use. However, the six Divisions were changed back into seven in August 2003 when Land Rights Division was reinstated in response to service demand and in line with the overall structural reform of this City government.
     Since 16.Jan.2008 Department of Land Administration  has streamlined into Six it includes Land Cadaster Section,Land Value Section, Land Use Section,Land Readjustment Section,Cadastral Survey Section and Land Expropriation Section For the registration, valuation, and survey of land, seven local Land Affairs Offices are formed in Taoyuan, Zhongli, Dahsi, Yangmei, Luzhu, Bade and Pingzhen to serve the 13 townships and rural townships across the City. Under the supervision and instruction of Land Affairs Bureau, these offices as part of the City government are collectively in charge of the registration, valuation, and survey of 1,0014,788 lots of land and 604,203 buildings across this City.